Sheared Norway Spruce

A Northern Ireland exclusive, these are mature trees which have been pruned over a number of years to give that classic Christmas tree shape and traditional smell.

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Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir is a conical shaped tree with flat, shiny blue green needles and excellent needle retention. The foliage is dense and soft. Perfectly suited for those wanting a tall, narrower Christmas tree.

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Nordman Fir

Britain's most popular tree, with a rich dark green foliage, excellent shape and superb needle retention.

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Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas tree, remembered by many from their childhood. This tree has its own unique scent, feel and shape. The needles are mid to dark green and prickly to touch, but strong branches make it ideal to decorate.

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Cork Bark Fir

A slender blue needled fir tree with white buds and excellent needle retention.

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